Small Family Businesses

Did you know that a lot of your fellow parents also run cool businesses?

If you would like to help support other local business owners, here is a list of our families who run small businesses:

1. Jessica Gammell-Bennett

Real World Reiki offers Reiki classes and private Reiki sessions.  Reiki is a holistic healing method that is similar to Acupuncture because it balances one's energy.  However, instead of needles, the hands are used.
Reiki treatments cause physical and emotional healing, creating a state of complete wellness.  Learning Reiki gives the student a tool to remain balanced for the rest of their lives.

Click here for her website.

2. Randi Kirkland

"Kirkland's Custom Kreations"-  I make art/ decor out of pallet wood!
Click here for her Facebook Link.
3. Faith Kishimba
"Magnabilities"  Faith is an Independent Consultant. It's super cute/affordable interchangeable magnetic Jewelry!
Click here for her website.