Rhythm Kids Level 2 Description

Exploring Life Through Rhythm for Kids K-2

Rhythm Kids Level 2 is designed for kids in Kindergarten-2nd Grade.  Previous Music Together® or Rhythm Kids Level 1 experience is helpful but NOT a requirement.  Rhythm Kids Level 2 features online drumming tutorials from Rhtyhm Kids founder, Tom Foote.  Games, pattern play, and drumming techniques become more advanced to suit the developmental capabilities of older kids.  As the kids learn more, they can deepen their appreciation and engagement with new and familiar music.

This is a developmentally appropriate music, movement, and rhythm class that balances familiar Music Together songs with new, original Rhythm Kids content.  The children are able to experiment with their new basic music competency skills, coordination, leadership skills, and communication skills.  Each semester highlights music inspired by a different cultural tradition (ie. the music of Aborignal- Australia, Suku- Mali, Bomba- Puerto Rico, etc).  During the Rhythm Kids journey from level 1 through level 2, kids try out a variety of musical styles (ie. beatboxing, rap, scat, etc), musical genres (ie. jazz, blues, folk, hip-hop, etc), and traditional dance styles (ie. African, Irish step, doo-wop, flamenco, Native American, etc).  Each class is filled with small and large movment activities, pattern and drumming instruction, instrument/prop play, musical games, and a jam session.  This unique program follows through on Music Together's promise to make the world a better place by making it more musical and enables kids to continue growing through their whole early-childhood developmental window from birth-age 8.  Rhythm Kids gives kids the opportunity to immerse themselves in a diverse, hands-on understanding of musical concepts and scope through play designed to challenge their ear, mind, and body.  Click Here to see our class schedule.